rachael. 22. gemini. NY.

i like peanut butter & banana sandwiches, doodling, v-necks, rugby, cheddar cheese, uconn basketball, adventures, typography, cats, cuddling, science, track & field, drugs, comfy sweaters, boston, video games, nietzsche, art, wine, heavy metal, being lazy, espresso, & autumn.
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streetlightsglow asked: Also, your tumblr title is great. Have you ever seen 2001: A Space Odyssey? It was pretty heavily influenced by Nietzsche, if you haven't seen it you should, especially if you love his work. ;)

i have not! i was aware it was very philosophically based but i never looked into it. i will most certainly check it out!

streetlightsglow asked: Dear lord you are freaking gorgeous.

thank youuuu <33

livingina-deactivated20120926 asked: You are absolutely gorgeous, just wow, that's all i can say!

thank you!

Anonymous asked: 1, 10, 12 >:P

1. couch

10. both

12. depends on what kind it is lol

Anonymous asked: I would be more willing to talk to you off-anon if you didn't publicly post things.

i dont post all, i mix it up. if its a personal convo with someone i send it to the person. or if they ask me not to post publicly, etc

fate-always-brings-us-together asked: God you are so gorgeous! :)

thank youuu

toolegit3 asked: Hey there : )


whatsbeenlost asked: Thanks Rachael, love the way your mind works and the things you post. In honor of you my first post in this new blog is something from your's.

<3 an honor

ohhailove asked: Boyce avenue's cover of fast car = instant follow. You just won my tumblr heart.

boyce »»»

treefagg asked: You're really pretty

thank you :*

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