rachael. 22. gemini. NY.

i like peanut butter & banana sandwiches, doodling, v-necks, rugby, cheddar cheese, uconn basketball, adventures, typography, cats, cuddling, science, track & field, drugs, comfy sweaters, boston, video games, nietzsche, art, wine, heavy metal, being lazy, espresso, & autumn.
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cristinahazard asked: You are incredibly gorgeous.

thanks, love <3

blonde-smoke asked: I appreciate your blog :) you're also very pretty!

thank you! <3

lezb-o-rama asked: I love your blog. One of the few that stand out <3

thank you <333

amy-lyynn asked: hey how do you add music to your page?

you could use a variety of different sites; i personally use hypster.com and embed the code in my personal custom theme.

Anonymous asked: how much for the never look back necklace?

i make the hand print charms custom. i sell them pretty cheap too, even with a swavorski crystal charm for i sell them for >$20 :) i like to do it for fun and don’t really care about making a huge profit. I enjoy it when customers have a creative idea because it makes it even more fun for me :D message me for more details!! xoxo

rugbygurl asked: youre sooooooooo pretty!

thank you, chica!

dynamite-dreams asked: you are beautiful.

thank you, dear

Anonymous asked: 1, 3, 6, plz and thank you. :)

1. counter

3. damon from TVD

6. “hey, i look like a simpson!” (but it’s fine it was awkward but i wouldnt change that moment for anything)

odle4noodle asked: i wanna go out with you! i think youre gorgeous!

:) thank youuuuuuu

notorious-blt asked: hahaha yeah you are so beautiful it's ridiculous. like. I would do some crazy things. but we have different tastes in music. still that wouldn't change too much

what do you like?

ilikadasex-deactivated20120901 asked: well because i know how to treat a lady. First we would go to a nice dinner, then since i live at the beach naturally we would go for a walk. Then depending on time we will probably go out dancing, and im a badass dancer :)

ahhh that would be so much fun :)) you should send me a picture of yourself i like to put a face to who im talking with

ilikadasex-deactivated20120901 asked: ill take you on a date

oh yeah? :]

ilovewoman-musicnweed-deactivat asked: you are so pretty, its insane, your perfect....

thank youuuuuuu :)))

penguinsandpot-deactivated20120 asked: You are absolutely positively adorable I'd be honored to keep you company

awww, why thank you :)

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