rachael. 22. gemini. NY.

i like peanut butter & banana sandwiches, doodling, v-necks, rugby, cheddar cheese, uconn basketball, adventures, typography, cats, cuddling, science, track & field, drugs, comfy sweaters, boston, video games, nietzsche, art, wine, heavy metal, being lazy, espresso, & autumn.
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bitches dtf
none of these pictures are mine unless stated otherwise
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since 2/3/13
thinking im cool and shiiiiitttt
showing off one of the shirts i made (and am selling!!) :)
bored, come chat with me yaaaa?
anddddddd another. biddie lovin hahaha
hello there everyone. meet my beloved python. her name is biddie :)
blurry but a goody 
birthday tiaraaaaaa
hi, we’re cute :)
hey guys meet jake aka rif :)
i mishhhh rugbyyyy :(

rocking my science wonder art shirt. will be making more and better ones for sale if y’all are interested ;) 
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